Saturday 2-25-23 Workout Of The Day

In teams of two…
“Barbell Bliss”
5 Deadlift
4 Cleans
3 Jerks
8 Overhead or Front Rack Walking Lunges
7/10 Kcal ECHO

BB Weight
RX: 95/135#
Intermediate: 85/115#
Beginner: 65/95# +/-

Today’s workout is a you go I go workout. Person 1 will complete a full round before person two Jumps on. Make sure to use a weight you can go unbroken on your deadlifts, cleans & jerks then go directly into your walking lunges. If you need to break in between, the weight is too heavy. Finish strong on the bike as you’ll have a 1:1 work rest ratio on this workout.