Happy Saturday everyone!!! We hope everyone is having a great weekend and is excited to get back to the gym next week.

Please respond to the group email sent out by the gym if you want to reactivate your membership or if you’d like to stay on hold a little longer.

We’re working hard over here to make sure everything’s ready to rock on Monday morning and we look forward to having everyone back.

Have a fun and safe weekend.

Saturday 6-26-21 Starke HomeFit

“Three Amigos” w. One DB or KB @ 35/50#
AMRAP – 10
10 Russian KBS
10 Push Ups
10 Alternating Weighted Lunges

Rest 3 min

AMRAP – 10
10 DB / KB Snatches (alternating not required)
10 Goblet Squats
10 Bird Dog Rows (standing on one leg, hinge over and row five reps with the bell in the opposite hand)

Rest 3 min

AMRAP – 10
10 Thrusters
10 Single arm Chest Press
10 Pull Ups, Ring Rows, Renegade Rows or single DB row from a plank position one arm at a time 5/side)

Today’s workout can be completed with one DB. Perform the ten minute AMRAp followed are three minutes of rest between each AMRAP. Don’t go out too hot as the “Three Amigos” will be coming for you…