Saturday 7-30-22 Workout Of The Day

In Teams Of Two…
“Hack A Lugi”
30 BB C&J
20 Kcal ECHO
30 Front Squats
400m Team Run
30 Bar Over Burpees
20 Kcal ECHO
30 C2B Pull Ups
400m Team Run

RX: 85/115#
Intermediate: 65/95#
Beginner: 55/75#

Today’s workout will be done in teams of two with only one person working at a time. Share the load modify movements during warm up ahead of time. Remember that partner workouts DON’T Need to be divided 50/50 Do what you can and trade off before you wear your batteries down too much. Don’t go so hard that you’ll need to “Hack A Lugi”