We’re excited to see forward progress being made by the province in reopening and we know you’re ALL excited to be working out without masks on and we can wait to see those smiles starting Saturday August 6th 🙂

With that being said, there hasn’t been much direction in re-opening procedures from the province and we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with getting back to work while staying safe.

We would like to maintain the following procedures when coming to classes here at Starke.

  • Please make sure to sign up for class in advance
  • Please wear a mask into the building and in common areas (lobby, bathrooms, shower stalls) where you’ll be close to others. You might be ok with it but they might not be.
  • Please wash or sanitize your hands upon entry
  • Once you’re in the training area you can take your mask off if you like. If you wish to train with a mask on, you’re more than welcome to do so.
  • Please continue to use a training square for equipment and training space.
  • Please continue to wipe down your equipment after use. You don’t need to go spray crazy with everything but wiping down sweaty and chalk imprinted gear is much appreciated. Please don’t spray equipment monitors directly, spray a rag, then wipe your monitor.
  • If you would like to maintain distance from others you are more than welcome to train in your square and limit your time in the racks and around others. If you need assistance with modifications, please ask a coach for suggestions.
  • If you’re wanting to sit down and chat / eat with someone in the front lobby masks do NOT need to be worn but make sure is consensual between both parties.
  • Showers can now be used so you don’t need to go to work like a hot and sweaty mess after your workout.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to chat.

If your membership is on hold, please pay attention to the five day reminder email you’ll receive before the hold is automatically removed. If you need your hold extended or if you have specific requests, please contact us in advance so we can come up with a solution as we will not be able to accommodate retroactive modifications.

We hope you’re having a great summer and look forward to seeing your smiling, sweaty face SOON!

The Starke Team

Saturday 8-07-21 Workout Of The Day



Partner WOD 

“Justin’s Bustin” Happy 38th Coach Justin!  

Buy In 300m Run
12 RFT (alternating working rounds)
3 Ring Muscle ups / Ring Dips
6 Snatches @65/95#
9 Bar over Burpees
Cash Out 300m Run 

Partners will perform this workout together alternating rounds where one person works and one person rests for the entire round (6 rounds each). Movements should be quick along with transitions from one exercise to the other with rounds taking in and around 90-120 seconds max / person. Both partners will perform the buy in and cash out runs together.  

500m Time Trial Row

*Get ready to sell your soul to the Concept2 Devil. Some people are still coughing from last year’s 500m time trial on Justin’s birthday 🙂 This is a short distance so start hard and finish harder. It’ll be a gooder!