Tomorrow is our Starke Duathlon / Triathlon at Birds Hill Park.

The main goal is to get outside, have some fun and use our fitness in a way that we typically don’t. With that being said, we have several options for participation as always and want you to be able to challenge yourself AND get a little outside of your comfort zone.

Event Start: 9:00am (be there for 8:30am)
Location: Birds Hill Park East Beach

Option One: Triathlon, Swim 500m (250m swim 250m sand run) + Bike 13k + Run 2k

Swim: Three loops of the fountain + sand run 500m total distance with 250m swimming and 250m sand running broken up. The water is not deep so if you’re uncomfortable in the water, just stand up ? if you want to use a flotation device, you’re more than welcome to. IF you need to knock this down a loop or two, you’re welcome to.

Bike: One loop of the park 13k. You’ll take off from the transition zone just off the beach and ride up towards the east beach to the main loop (don’t exit the park). Once you get to the loop of the park, turn right and complete one full loop of the park staying on the inside bike lane. Once you complete one loop of the park, you’ll perform a right turn to re-enter the east beach parking lot and return to the transition area at the beach.

Run: The run will be an out and back of approximately 2km. The run takes place on the gravel path behind the beach. Your turn around point is where the gravel meets the pavement on the other side of the beach. Touch the pavement and turn around.

Option Two: Duathlon, Run 2km + Bike 13km + Run 2km
Same routes as above except you’ll be trading your swim for a run.

Option Three: Aqua Bike, Swim 500m (250m swim 250m sand run/walk) + Bike 13k
Same routes as above but no run at the end. If you have limitations with running this is a good option.

Gear to bring…
Swim Gear: Goggles, swim suit, cap if needed, flotation if needed (no judgement)
Bike Gear: Bike, Helmet (mandatory), bike shoes, water bottle
Run gear: Running shoes, hat/visor, water bottle
Post workout snack so you don’t crash… ?

We want everyone to have a great time and be able to take part in the event. Sign up, grab your gear and enjoy the ride (and swim and run)

If you have any questions, please let us know and we’re happy to help.

Can’t wait to see you there {FirstName}

The Starke Team

Sign up at the following link: