Registration for the 2018 Starke Games is NOW OPEN! 

This year the Starke Games will once again be an awesome two day test of fitness for teams of two.
As always we will be continuing the Starke tradition of challenging athletes with offsite workouts to truly test their fitness across broad time and modal domains.

The Categories Are:

Women’s Intermediate

Men’s Intermediate

Women’s RX

Men’s RX

If you’re signing up for Intermediate you can expect some of the following…

  • Pull Ups (partner assisted is acceptable)
  • Ring Dips (partner assisted is acceptable)
  • Barbell Movements: Thrusters, Hang Cleans, Hang Snatches
  • DB and or Kettlebell C&J, Snatches, Swings, Lunges
  • Some running
  • And maybe a little swim 🙂

If you’re signing up for RX’d you can expect some of the following…  

  • Barbell Movements Thrusters, Cleans, Snatches,
  • Muscle Ups: Bar & Ring
  • Bar Work: C2B & T2B
  • DB and or Kettlebell: C&J, Snatches, Swings, Lunges
  • Handstand Push Ups
  • Some running
  • And maybe a little swim 🙂

Workouts will be announced the week before on our Facebook Event Page (2018 Starke Games) with demo videos to assist with understanding the workout.

Registration is live. Select your category above to reserve your spot in this limited event.

Paul Dyck CPT-(CSEP) CF-L2
Owner, Trainer, Athlete
Starke Strength & Conditioning
Starke CrossFit