Thursday 9-06-18

AMRAP 15 of…

300m Run Buy-In

10 Unbroken DB Cleans

8 DB S2OH (Same weight)

6 DB Burpees Same Weight

4 Renegade Rows

2 DB Push-Ups

Rest 1 Min

*Any time you let go of the DB’s perform five burpees before continuing where you left off.

**At the end of the 15 min AMRAP and at the sound of the bell immediately ditch the DB’s and perform a 300m run


Friday 9-07-18

3RFT (w. 20 Min Time Cap)

Modified “Cardio Kid”

300m Row

20 Wall Balls 14/20

300m Run

20 Box Jumps (up one side and down off the other)