Dress it up how you like but here’s the rundown of the class. If you’re not in love with the barbell then this class is for you. In this 45 min sweat session you’ll be challenged with functional fitness movements and tools like sandbags, sleds, kettlebells, Olympic rings, dumbbells, battle ropes, calisthenics and much more. Clients should expect high quality coaching and modifications that will make you feel like these workouts were designed specifically for you.



A clean, well-stocked gym with lots of amenities and super-friendly people to greet you. Caring, committed coaches who are dedicated to your success. Honestly, you won’t find a better box than Starke Strength & Conditioning/Starke CrossFit in Winnipeg, where your new CrossFit family awaits you. Sign up for your choice of specialty classes, or work one-on-one—regardless of your preference, we’ve got everything you need to meet your training goals. Come WOD with us and you’ll never look back.