Start Before You’re Ready

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. I’m constantly hearing people talk about how they want to start a new fitness program. They want to try something new. They want to try something different, but then they say, “But I need to get into shape first”.

It could be that they don’t want people to see how out of shape they are. It could be that they are worried that they are in worse shape than they thought they were and don’t want others to know it. It could be that they are just worried about getting out of their comfort zone. Any of these can be scary reasons and limiters for some. If you keep putting off starting, you’ll never start.

I’ve got five people who have been calling and coming in spradically every few months that “Want to get started” but havent taken the plunge. For a few of them this has been happening for two years now. I’m not a hard seller. I sit down with people in a “No Sweat” intro for anywhere from 30-60 minutes and talk to them about Where they’ve been, What they’ve done, and how we can help them along with what that would look like. If they seem like a good fit I would recommend some training options.

No matter what method of training you’re doing it has to work for you. Whatever’s stopping you from getting started, push it out of the way and just try it. The worst case scenario is that it didn’t work for you and now you know. Move on to the next interest and see if that shoe fits.

There’s never a perfect time to start so start before you’re ready…

Paul Dyck