Sunday 02-10-19 Workout Of the Day

With a Running Clock…@35/50#, 20/24″

A1) 5 Min Ladder
DB squat cleans
rest 2:00 then
A2 reps completed in part A for time*
B1) 5 Min Ladder
DB snatches
burpee box jumps
rest 2:00 then
B2) reps completed in part B for time*
C1) 5 Min Ladder
DB box step overs
Devil’s Press
rest 2:00 then
C2) reps completed in part C for time*

*Only complete the reps until your last full round. If you score 12+8, you will be completing 2-4-6-8-10-12;  not the additional 8 reps.

Notes: Essentially you will be performing 3×5 minute ladders. After each 5 minute ladder you will rest 2 minutes before completing (for time) the reps you accumulated in the ladder prior.
Example: For A, you will perform 2 DB squat cleans then 2 
pull-ups, 4 DBSC+4PU…etc. until the clock hits 5:00. Let’s say your score was 10+4. You then rest for 2 minutes and @ 7:00 start back at 2’s and work until you have completed whatever round you got through completely, in this case 10’s. You then rest until the clock hits 14:00 and continue in the same manner for all three parts!

The goal is to complete your reps in A2, B2, and B3 in under 5 minutes.