Sunday 03-03-19 Workout Of the Day

FOR TIME (45 min time cap)
Option A: with a partner (details below)
Option B: Solo
50 DB step overs* @35/50, 20/24″
*every time you break, perform 5 burpee box jump overs
rest 2 min
60 Hang C&J* @85#
*every time you break, perform 5 bar facing burpees
rest 2 min
70 DB Front Squats* @35/50#
*every time you break, perform 5 DB burpees (burpee on DB’s+DB DL)
rest 2 min
80 wallballs* @14/20#
*every time you break, perform 5 regular burpees
Notes: The aim for this workout is to get as far as possible in 45 minutes with the goal of making it to those wallballs (and hopefully finishing them!). Be smart when breaking up your reps. Set small goals for your sets and hit them. Pace yourself on the sets of burpees because when you finish them, you will be getting back to work. You don’t want to move too quickly on the burpees and then need to spend a minute or more recovering. This will be a mental challenge. Embrace it!
Option A: You may do this workout with a partner and split the reps between the two of you. However, every time you switch who is working, BOTH athletes must perform the burpees. If choosing the partner option, aim to finish this under the time cap. For regular and bar facing burpees, both partners can complete them at the same time. For the box jump over burpees, you can do 5 and 5 or alternate back and forth, until you both do 5, going different directions over the box. This is a good option because it allows recovery time and consistent movement. For the DB burpees, those doing the partner option can do lateral DB over burpees instead. Partners can work on these at the same time, each jumping over one of the DB’s. Both athletes must be done the burpees before continuing the other movements.
Option B: You may endure this solo! This will be a slower grind but is doable for those who desire!