Sunday 08-16-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets
5 dbl KB squat cleans
5 dbl KB snatch
10 alt lunges
5 dbl KB push press
-rest 2-3 mins between sets-

B. 10 min AMRAP w/ single KB @35/50#
10 KB snatch
10 KB thrusters

*DU start at 10, and go up by 10 each round. (I.e. 10-20-30-40-50-60-…)

Workout notes/intentions: the goal for part A is to try and hold on to your bells for the full set. It should be challenging enough that you need the full 2-3 minutes of rest. You may sit down between sets, and time your own rest. You may start with 2 minutes rest and then feel you need more in your final sets. Lunges are double bell front rack. There is no prescribed weight as you will choose a weight that challenges you for this complex but allows you to hold onto the bells for the full set.

For Part B, you will use one single KB. Snatches are 5 per side, as are the thrusters. Try to go into your first thruster from your last snatch, without putting down your bell. Stay relaxed on the double unders.