Sunday 1-09-22

30 Min Grinder
1 Sled Push HEAVY
4 Peg board Up downs OR Chin Ups.
6 Bulgarian Split Squats / Side
8 Alternating Gorilla Rows
10 HLR (knees to chest) @ 3131
12 DB Push Ups (deficit)
14 HEAVY Russian KBS

Today’s workout is a grinder. Slow and steady will keep you moving. Choose weights and methods you can keep moving with. Better movement and mechanics ALWAYS trumps the amount of weight you’re using so keep it clean.

*Break up the “knees to chest” if needed as you’ll be hanging onto the pull up bar for a minimum of 80seconds. At the top of the movement try to get your knees touching your chest. At the bottom, maintain a hollow body position with feet out in front and toes pointed.