Sunday 12-05-21

In Teams of two…
Build to your heaviest two push press in 10 Minutes

Alternate working partners as you try and find your heaviest two push press. This can be done by Barbell, DB’s or Kettlebells.

In Teams of Two… #yougoigo

AMRAP – 22
10 Kcal Row
8 Over the Rower Burpees (no push-up)
6 Air Squats
4 Push-Ups
2 Bar muscle Ups / C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows

At this point you might as well keep your partner from part A. unless you really want to trade them up for a better model. Rowers and teams should set your rowers just to the left of one of the rigs uprights rather than in squares. This will keep teams close to the rig and limit transition time getting to the rig.

Alternate working partners for full complete rounds then switch. Have a box ready for the resting partner so you’ve got somewhere to sit in your down time. Follow the descending rep scheme and keep rounds to two minutes or less. If it’s taking longer, knock all reps down by two except for the muscle up / pull up alternative.