Sunday 12-19-21

30 Minute Grinder…

1-2 Rope Climbs
6 Single Leg Hip Hinge / Leg (add weight if possible)
1 x 40′ sled pull (no rope, arms straight & put it in reverse)
3-6 Peg board up downs (bottom two holes) OR 6 Chin Ups
6 – 8 Deficit Back Lunges / Leg (standing on a 45# plate + add weight if possible)

Todays workout is a bit of a grinder with some skill mixed in.

  • Rope climbs can be done to the top or from laying to standing then back down (see coaches demo)
  • Single leg hip hinge should be slow and controlled with knee up in the front for two seconds each rep
  • Sled pull is in reverse. No pushing, arms straight, shoulders packed
  • Pegboard (see demo)
  • Back Lunges are NOT alternating and the foot of the working leg stays on the plate for all 6-8 reps. Bring that knee up for two seconds at the top of each rep