Sunday 2-27-22 Workout Of The Day

AMRAP – 35
10-12 Alternating DB Chest Press
6-8 Single Leg hip hinge/side (SLHH)
1 Sled Pull (rope) + 1 Sled Push*
12 Alternating Seesaw Press (KB)
6-8 Deficit Back Lunges / leg loaded and NOT alternating
8-10 Chin Ups

Here’s another Sunday grinder. Pick appropriate and challenging weights and move through the workout.

*The sled weight should be something you can pull using the rope and go directly into your sled push. Anywhere from 2-4 plates max would be good. This is also where there might be a bit of a bottleneck so participants should start at different movements to avoid waiting for the sleds. Keep an upright torso when pulling the sled so you’re performing a horozintal pull rather than hinging over and performing a “vertical pull” like we would in a pull-up.