Sunday 5-15-22 Workout Of The Day

35 Min Grinder…
10 KB Deadlifts + 2 length of loaded carry
12 DB Bench / Floor Press
8 Deficit Back Lunges / Leg
1 Legless Rope Climb
40 Alt. Hand to knee taps fr. plank pos. (20/side)

Today’s grinder is a choose your own weight as always. Move well and challenge yourself.
1. For the legless rope climb, EVERYONE can do a variation of this. Some might make it higher than others (15′ mark is the goal) and you can use your legs on the way down to help decelerate you and save your grip a little. If you’re going to keep your feet on the ground, you’ll sill be challenging and taxing your arms, lats and core. Just don’t stand up all the way so you take tension off at the top 🙂
2. For the hand to knee taps, keep your hips and back flat and don’t allow any rotation as you take away two of your supports. Keep those abs tight and DON’T let your hips drop!