Sunday 5-22-22 Workout Of The Day

Grinder – 35

1 Legless Rope Climb
8 Deficit Back Lunges / Leg (45# plate on gnd.)
8-10 Dips (ring, box bench)
6-8 Single Leg Deadlift / Leg
12 Alt. Gorilla Rows
60 Sec Hollow hold (can be a cumulative 60 sec.)

Happy Sunday. Today’s grinder is a little full body strength work along with some balance & stability work. These workouts are great to challenge your strength across different areas of the body and help create balance across joints and muscles used in every day tasks and ones that don’t get used so much.

For the legless rope climb, you’re welcome to jump up and NOT use your feet to assist your climb OR you can keep your feet on the ground and perform 2-3 climbs while keeping the body straight and using your arms and lats to help you to an almost standing position. Once you’re almost vertical but still under tension, lower yourself dow with your shoulders touching the ground BEFORE your legs, hips or butt 🙂 Just like a “ring row” the more parallel to the ground you are or the more “further forward your feet are, the tougher the rope climb will be.

Have fun!