Sunday 7-03-22 Workout Of The Day

E75 – 24 (4 rounds 30 min)

Round 1.
8-10 Alternating DB Chest Press
Round 2.
6-8 Single leg deficit back lunge / leg
Round 3.
6-8 Single Ring Row Row & Reach /arm
Round 4.
6-8 Single Leg Hip Hinge / leg
Round 5.
6-8 Single Arm KB Press
Round 6.
6-8 Single leg pistol or pistol from a box

Today’s workout is unilateral based which means you’ll be using one side of the body at a time while training. This is a great way to train imbalances as most of us have a “stronger side” when it comes to some exercises. It also challenges us to train our core in differently and challenge stability all throughout the trunk (abs, obliques and back). Pick weights that are challenging and doable,

Core work coaches choice