Sunday 9-18-22 Workout Of The Day

E75 – 25 (31.25min)

10 Walking Front Rack Or OH Dbl. Bell Lunges
8-10 Rope Pull-Ups
8 Dbl. Bell Strict Thrusters
8-10 DB Bench Press
10-12 Gorilla Rows

Rise and grind… Today’s workout should be heavy and “fun”

Rope pull ups can be done by jumping off the ground and performing pull-ups with a grip on the rope from full extension to chin above your hands. This can be scaled to having your feet on the ground as well while still applying a hell of a challenge.

Strict thrusters are exactly what they sound like. Perform a double bell front squat then at the top lock your legs, glutes and core THEN perform a strict press. Don’t use any momentum for these!

The rest of the movements you all know so have fun with them and STAY STRONG!