Thursday 01-07-2021 Starke HomeFIt

A. 5 sets:
8 DB/BB/KB floor or bench press
directly into…
16 alt. gorilla rows

B. For Time:
50 squat clean thrusters*
*every time you break:
50 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body focused strength component, combining a push and pull movement. The floor or bench press should be challenging for 8 reps; those last 1-2 reps should be very tough. If you can knock out your reps easily, you need to add weight (if possible) or add a tempo (if weights are not available to you). The gorilla rows are intended to be done with KB’s, can be subbed for other variations if needed. Coaches will assist with these variations. Perform the rows directly following the bench, but then rest 90seconds to 2 minutes following the rows. 

For Part B, you may use a barbell or double KB/DB. *If using a single KB or DB, you will be performing 70 clusters for time! One rep= squat clean from the floor into a thruster, finishing with an overhead lockout. Each time you need to break up the reps you will do 50 DU or 75-100 singles before continuing. No resting bars on your back!