Thursday 01-14-2021 Starke HomeFit

30 min AMRAP
10 devil’s press
20 DB front squats
40 single DB hang C&J
50 DB step ups

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s AMRAP is intended to be done with 2 dumbbells, but you can modify this as needed based on the equipment you have available to you. HSPU can be subbed for pike pushups or double dumbbell S2OH. The single arm DB hang C&J are total (20 reps per side)- and you can switch sides as you wish. Step ups can be done with weights at your side and is 50 reps total (25 per side). Once you get through the 50 step ups you will return to the devil’s press and being a new round. Pace yourself at the beginning and turn it up when there are around 3-5 minutes remaining.