Thursday 01-28-2021 Starke HomeFit

A. E 3:00 x 6
1:00 wallsit
10 back squat jumps
20 jumping lunges

B. 15 min AMRAP
15 hang power cleans
12 front rack lunges
9 sumo DL high pull

Workout Notes Intentions: Part A is a heavy lower body focus. The wallsit should be weighted if possible, and it should be 1:00 straight through, otherwise your rest time will be diminished. The back squat jumps can be done with a barbell if you have, otherwise a goblet squat jump can be substituted. Jumping lunges should be quick and straight though if possible. The goal is the get this work done as quickly as you can to load the legs and then maximize your rest time. You start a new set every 3 minutes so the less time spent transitioning and resting between movements, the better!

Part B is a 15 min AMRAP that can be done with a barbell or KB’s/DB’s. Choose a weight the allows you to hit the hang cleans in 1-2 sets, the lunges straight through and the SDLHP straight through as well. If you are unable to use a barbell, one single KB will work for the SDLHP. Coaches will review this movement since we don’t do it frequently. Pace yourself- 15 mins is a long time and all movements use the barbell. Rest efficiently and try to keep moving consistently. Turn it up in the last 2-3 minutes if you can!