Thursday 02-11-2021 Starke HomeFit

A. E4:00 x 5 sets
10/leg switch lunges
8 goblet or back squats
6/leg Bulg split squats
0:40 sec weighted wallsit

B. For time:
100 jumping lunges
80 anchored sit ups
60 goblet squat jumps
40 KB snatch
20 dips

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a heavy lower body piece. You will start a new round every 4 minutes, so whatever time you don’t use for working will be your rest. The switch lunges are similar to jumping lunges, but your back knee doesn’t quite touch the ground, and you start and finish with the same leg forward. Coaches will demo. Goblet squats or back squats (depending on your equipment availability) should be a fairly challenging weight. The bulgarian split squats should be weighted if possible. THe round finishes with a 40 second wallsit- weighted again if possible. 5 rounds total. 

Part B is 1 time through. Chip away and get those reps done as quickly as you can, while maintaining quality of movement.