Thursday 02-18-2021 Workout Of the Day

4:00 AMRAP / 2:00 rest x 6
alternate between 1 and 2

10 DB snatch
10 box jumps
10/8 cals

10 single DB thrusters
40 DU
10/8 cals

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will be completing a total of 6 AMRAP’s today, each 4 minutes long. You will alternate between 1 and 2. The DB snatches and DB thrusters are with a single DB. Thrusters are 5 per side. The reps are intentionally low so you can move through unbroken, and cycle through several rounds. You will start each AMRAP at the beginning. Keep track of your score for each, aiming for consistency. Cals will be on the same machine the entire 6 AMRAPs for cleaning purposes, unless you want to share with a neighbour and sanitize the machines during your rest period.