Thursday 03-18-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. E2M x 8 sets
3 Hang Power Snatches 

B. 5 RFT @65/95#
time cap: 12 mins

10 Hang Power Snatch
10 OH Squats (or Front Squats)
50 DU / 75 singles

Workout Notes/Intentions: Before beginning part A, you will do a technical warm up for snatches, and have some time to build. You may also build through the 8 sets, but you want to start your sets at a moderate weight. If you haven’t snatched for a while, stay lighter and focus on technique. The snatches can be power or squat snatches, whatever you choose to work on. 

Weight for part B should be light- you want to be able to do your 10 snatches in 1-2 sets, and then goes straight into your overhead squats. As you fatigue in later rounds, you may want to break up the snatches. Save at least 1 snatch for your first overhead squat to be as efficient as possible and not waste any reps! If you are newer or less comfortable barbell cycling, do your snatches from the hang.