Thursday 03-25-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. E90s x 9 sets
set 1-3: 3 squat cleans
set 4-6: 2 squat cleans
set 7-9: 1 squat clean

B. 4:00 on / 2:00 off x 3 sets
21/18 cals
21 bar facing burpees
max squat cleans @65/95#

18/15 cals
18 bar facing burpees
max squat cleans @95/135#

15/12 cals
15 bar facing burpees
max squat cleans @125/185#

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will spend time warming up and building for Part A. Squat cleans are from the ground if possible; newer athletes go from hang. The first 3 sets will be 3 reps. They don’t have to be touch and go but should be one after another if you are dropping between reps. Sets 4-6 will be 2 reps only, and you should add weight. Sets 7-9 are only one single rep, and again should be heavier than the doubles. You may even choose to add weight every single set, depending on you how feel. End at a challenging single. Rest between sets by sitting on a box or the floor. 

For Part B, you will be working for 4 minutes, resting for 2 for a total of 3 sets. Cals and burpees are a buy-in. You will spend the remaining time doing as many squat cleans as you can. The weight goes up for cleans every set. Cals can be on any machine. Pace the burpees and try to just keep moving. The first round you want to aim for at least 30 seconds of squat cleans- ideally more. If you need to adjust the numbers to get some squat cleans in, then adjust the burpees/cals.