Thursday 04-01-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets
5 BB tempo push press @31×1
10 gorilla rows
15 windshield wipers

B. For time:
*30 DU after each set (sub 60 singles)

Workout Notes/Intentions: The push press and windshield wipers in part A will be using a barbell. Push press will be from the ground so you must clean the bar each set. Gorilla rows are with KB’s and are 10 reps total (5/side alternating). Windshield wipers are right-ground-left-ground = 1 rep. Rest as needed.

Part B is a conditioning piece. DU numbers are consistent throughout. You will do 3 cals + 3 burpees + 30 DU, then 6/6/30, 9/9/30, etc. Pace yourself in the first half, and pick up the effort near the end. The rounds of 6 and 3 at the end should be a sprint. Workout finishes with double unders.