Thursday 04-09-20

3 Rounds NFT

10 Loaded Lunges / side (add deficit if needed)
10 Hollow Press (DB, KB or BB) form the floor.
20 Gorilla Rows

“Double Trouble”
AMRAP – 6 (0-6:00)
8 Double Bell C&J (DB or KB)
30 Double Unders or fifty single skips or 20 toe taps.
AMRAP – 6 (6:01-12:00)
20 Snatches (DB or KB)
10 Goblet squats

For today’s workout we’ll warm up with some slower strength work working on maintaining tension and slowing movements down especially if we’re limited to lighter weights.

Part B. will be two part workout consisting of six minute AMRAP’s with no transition time or break in between. Part B1. can be done with one or two weights depending on what’s in your tool box and B2. only requires one weight for the snatches and squats. It would be a good goal to go unbroken on B2 if possible.