Thursday 04-15-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets
10 alt. DB floor/bench press
5 strict chinups

B. 5 x 3 min AMRAPs w/ 1:30 rest
12/9 cals
9 OH KBS @35/50#
6 burpees
*pick up where you leave off

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is an upper body strength piece. The alternating floor or bench press will be done with DB’s, and is 5 reps per side. Begin with both dumbbells locked out, so while you are performing the rep on your right arm, the left is working by keeping that bell locked out. Chinup can be subbed for supinated ring rows or rows.

Part B is a series of 3 min AMRAP’s, but you will always pick up from where you leave off. Cals for guys will be 12, and ladies will be 9. KBS should be overhead for those that are able. Choose a weight you can comfortably go unbroken on. Burpees are regular chest to ground burpees. You want to be able to cycle through rounds quickly on this one. Work to rest ratio is 2:1. Record your scores as you go each AMRAP. For example, if you get 2+15 in the first AMRAP, you would start at KBS on the next AMRAP. Say you finish the third and fourth round and get into the burpees in your fifth round, then your score might be 4+23. Continue in this manner for all 5 AMRAPs.