Thursday 04-22-2021 Workout Of the Day

“Robin’s No Cardio Birthday Workout”
Today is Robin’s Birthday and he wrote this workout for all of you to do! Thanks for all your hard work and keeping the gym clean each day Robin! We hope you have a great birthday!

A. Build to a heavy single bench press for the day

B. 4 x max rep bench, 1 min rest b/w
Take off 20lbs from part A, and perform 4 sets of bench press

Rest 1:00 between sets
You want to hit close to max reps in the first 3 sets, and then max reps in the last set

C. “Crazy Bench”*
*with bands and kettlebells

D. EMOM x 20 mins- 0:40 work/0:20 rest
1: 8-10 KB shoulder press
2: 30 sec. barbell bicep curl
3: ab rollouts
4: static bicep curls (DB’s)

E. Final- Your choice:
Fold 10 towels, organize 2 boxes, organize 4 dumbbells

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today is Robin’s birthday and this workout is his precise request! He wants you all to share in celebrating his big day with a big pump session. Share equipment as needed, or modify to a floor press if you choose. If you see Robin, be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!