Thursday 04-23-20

G2OH BB 65/95#, DB or KB 30/40#
Lateral Bar or Bell Burpees

Rest 3 minutes

Front Squats (same weight and method as above)
Pull-Ups / Vertical Pulls or Bent Over Rows

Today’s workout is two parts of fun 🙂 . Part one can be done with a BB, DB or KB where the weight will be brought from the ground to overhead in one movement (snatch or clean & jerk) followed by lateral burpees over your weights. If you want to have your own clock ready it’s not a bad idea but a clock will be aimed at the screen for your viewing pleasure. It might be tough to see it though so your own clock is recommended if possible.

After your three minute break, you’ll use the same weight as part 1 but will perform front squats and pull-ups. Any form of pull up is permitted. If you have a high anchor point and want to do banded pulldowns or bent over rows or body rows with rings that would be fine as well. We are doing more horizontal pulling now than during regular classes as not everyone has a pull-up bar accessible to them. If you have a form to get some vertical pulling done, make it happen!