Thursday 5-21-20


E90 – 12

Odd Minutes:
5 Front Squat @ 31X1

Even Minutes:
5 Chin-Ups @ 21X1 or 10 Alt. Renegade Rows With two seconds up and two seconds down for each rep.


10 Minute Ladder starting at two reps and climbing by two reps for each movement
Cluster (BB, DB, KB)
Push Up
Today we have a little strength and conditioning combo. For part A. you’ll need to find a challenging weight for the squats and a method for the chin ups / renegade rows. If you’re taking part in the Zoom classes we’ll help you with the mods needed.

For part B. you’ll be climbing by two reps for each exercise every round completed. You’ll be able to use a BB, one or two DB’s or one or two KB’s for this workout depending on what you have available to you. Pace yourself because the jumps will add up quickly each round 🙂