Thursday 05/25/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. Strict press
*E2:00; Build weight each set

B. 12 min ladder
OH KBS @35/50#
40 DU (60 singles)

C. 100 anchored situps

Workout Notes: Part A will be done from the rack. Every 2 minutes you will perform a set of strict press with the barbell. You will begin with 5 reps, and then drop one rep every set, finishing with a heavy single. Add weight every set as the reps decline.

Part B is a 12 minute ladder. Kettlebell swings start at 5 and increase by 5 reps every round, skipping stays the same throughout. Try to go unbroken on your swings as long as you can. This one will test your grip strength!

Part C is a fun little cashout for your core: 100 anchored situps, not for time. Get them done as quickly as you can with as minimal rest as possible.