Thursday 07-16-2020 Workout Of the Day

1 TGU/side
5 Bulgarian split squats/side @22X1
12 gorilla rows

B. For time:
time cap: 14 mins
500m row
50 KB snatch @35/50#
25 t2b
50 KB snatch
500m row

 Workout Intentions/Notes: The class will spend some time reviewing and practicing TGU’s. Aim to get in 3-4 reps (per side) in warmup, building to a challenging weight for 1 rep, to be used for your working sets. Split squats can be weighted with KB’s or DB’s, but emphasis is on the tempo. Gorilla rows will be done with 2 KB’s, alternating (12 reps=alternating, 6 per side)

Part B begins and ends with a 500m row; the second row should be the fastest of the two. Pace the first row. Break up the snatches however you need, switching arms as desired. Try not to put down the bell, and if you do, make it a short break. Chip away at the t2b; The final row should be a hard effort; last 200m should be a sprint.