Wednesday 07-22-2020 Workout Of the Day

4:00 work/2:00 rest x 6 sets

300m run (buy-in)
max reps in remaining time*

*R1&4: DB snatch @35/50#

*R2&5: HSPU

*R3&6: DB step overs @35/50# & 20/24″

Workout Notes/Intentions: Essentially you are doing 6 x 4 minute AMRAPs, with 2 minutes of rest between each. You will start each 4 minute AMRAP with a 300m buy-in run. Whatever time is left on the clock will be spent doing max reps of one movement. Round 1 will be alternating DB snatches from the floor. Aim to hold onto that bell as long as you can, hitting a big set right off the get-go. Short rest when needed, then back to those reps. For the HSPU, kipping will be most efficient. Regular pushups or double DB push press can be substituted. For the step overs, it will be 2 dumbbells held at your side. You don’t need to stand up tall on the box. Rest the bells on your box if needed, and then get back to work.