Thursday 07-30-2020 Workout Of the Day

EMOM x 30 mins (6 rounds)
1: 6-8 back squats
2: 8-10 dbl KB C&J
3: 12-14 dbl KB OH lunges
4: 300m run
5: rest

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s EMOM has no prescribed weights for any movement; athletes will choose their own weight based on their abilities. The back squats will be from the ground, so you need to be able to clean the bar and pop it onto your back. That will likely be the limiting factor for most people. The 8-10 double bell C&J’s should be challenging. The same weight will be used for overhead lunges. If mobility is limited  athletes can substitute a single arm OH lunge or double bell front rack. If you are choosing one of these alternate modifications, ensure you’re challenging yourself with weight and/or reps. Finally, the 300m run will likely cut into that minute of rest and that is okay- in fact it is to be expected for most. It should be a hard run; not a jog. You want to get at least 30 seconds of rest in that minute off. The harder you run, the more rest you earn.