Thursday 08-06-2020 Workout Of the Day

Coach Justin’s Birthday WOD!

Coach Justin turns 37 today, and his only birthday wish is to see everyone do a 500m row time trial! He is requesting you all give a PR effort on the row, and he wants to see your time on the board after.  He designed this one, so compliments and complaints go directly to him! Justin will be doing this WOD @4:00pm tomorrow if you want to suffer/celebrate along with him! 

Happy Birthday Justin, we hope you have an awesome day!

A. 500m row time trial

B. 3×7 min AMRAPs w/ 2 min rest between each

3 bar facing burpees
7 power snatch @55/75#

rest 2:00

3 power cleans 95/135#
7 burpee box jumps @20/24”

rest 2:00

3 pullups
7 wallballs @14/20#

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will consist of a 500m row for time. This is meant to be an all-out effort. Warmup will be targeted to prepare you for this row. The goal is to hit a PR time, or get close to it! You will take some time to recover from the row before preparing for part B. 

Part B will be 3 AMRAPs, each 7 minutes in length, resting 2 minutes between.  If space/equipment allows for, you will all do these together in the order above. If equipment or space is limited, we will just change the order of the AMRAPs and stagger where people start. Reps are low, so you should be able to cycle through several rounds. You won’t get a lot of rest between AMRAPs- likely just enough to change your weights and get set up! Justin says part B is “for fun”, so have a good time!