Thursday 08-13-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Not for time:
strict HSPU
strict chinups

B. For time:
Cal row
Deadlifts 135/185#

rest 3:00

Deadlifts @135/185#
Cal row

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a strict gymnastics piece, focusing on building bodyweight strength. It is not for time, but rather for quality. The push/pull of these two movements complement each other nicely, and should allow for some muscular recovery. Strict HSPU reps descend as the chinups ascend. (10 strict HSPU, 1 strict chinup. 9 strict HSPU, 2 strict chinups, etc.) HSPU should be strict or some variation of a strict rep. Adding a plate or abmat to raise the floor and lessen the distance is an option. Pike pushups or seated strict press are other alternatives. For the chinups, ring rows can be substituted with a supinated grip to recruit similar muscles that chinups utilize. 

Weight for part B should allow for your set of 21 to be done in 1-3 sets, while maintaining proper form and mechanics. HSPU can and should be kipping for efficiency and speed. After the first 21-15-9, you will rest 3 minutes. You will then work back up 9-15-21, starting with HSPU this time and finishing with the row. That last 21 cals should be a sprint.