Thursday 09-17-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 15 mins
1: 6-8 deadlifts
2: 4-6 strict pullups (+ weight)
3: 2-4 strict HSPU (+ deficit)

B. 3 RFT
15/12 cal bike (or 18/15 cal row)
15 deadlifts @ 105/155#

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is strength piece performed as an EMOM. You will choose your own weights and variations for each movement. The goal is to hit around the same reps for all 5 rounds (i.e. if you do 8 deadlifts in round 1, try to hold that number for all 5 rounds). If strict pullups are fairly easy, try to add weight. If strict HSPU’s are fairly easy, add a deficit to make them more challenging. 

For Part B, use a bike if possible. Busier classes will have to use both bikes and rowers. THe deadlift weight should be light enough to go straight through for all 3 rounds. HSPU ideally should be done in 1-3 sets; if you are breaking, make it quick. It’s only 3 rounds, so intensity should be quite high. Last round should be the fastest!