Thursday 09-24-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 16 mins (4 rounds)
1: 8-10 dbl KB push press
2: 1 heavy sled push|
3: 10-12 Ring Rows
4: 8-10 dbl KB lunges

B. 12 min ladder @30/40#
dbl KB C&J
dbl KB front rack lunges
*30 DU after each round

Workout Notes/Intentions:  For Part A, athletes will start in different places to allow for space and safe use of sleds. The 2 outside sleds will start at one end, and the middle sled will be at the other end of the turf to space people out a bit. You are responsible for wiping down the sleds after every use. It is one length and should be heavy- walking pace (if you can run with it, you need to add weight!) The KB lunges and push press should be heavier than you will be using in part B. You can choose to have KB at your side for the lunges in Part A if you wish, but for Part B they must be front rack. 

Part B is an ascending ladder. Early rounds should be unbroken. If you begin breaking up reps/sets, try to save one C&J for your lunges, so you can be efficient and not waste any reps. DU’s stay at 30 reps for the entire workout, and must be completed after each set of C&J and lunges.