Thursday 1-13-22

E2:30 – 4
5 Front Squat

Build to a challenging five front squats then start your four sets with the group. Coaches will hep with your build and weight can still be added through your four working sets.

“It Ain’t Easy”
10 Hang C&J
10 Pull Ups
10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees

RX: 65/95# C2B Pull Ups
Intermediate: 55/75# Pull Ups
Beginner: 45/55# Pull Ups / Ring Rows

Today’s AMRAP is short and sweet but “It Ain’t Easy” Pick a weight you’ll be able to do 1-2 sets of C&J with, 1-2 sets of pull-ups and consistent burpees. When pacing, you should always have the goal in mind of finishing faster than you started.