Thursday 1-17-19

Gym News:


Thursday January 17th the 9:30am class will be moved to 8:30am  and there will be no noon class and allow Ben & Paul to put on a presentation for the National Microbiology Laboratory mid-morning. Don’t worry, we’ll be wearing bio suits and make sure that we don’t get bitten by any monkies while we’re there…   

This Saturday we will be hosting the Bench Press Championships at Starke. If you’re interested in volunteering for the event please send an email to for more details on positions that need to be filled. The powerlifting association will set up Saturday afternoon and lifting should start around 2pm. This will be a short afternoon event as it’s only the one lift for competitors.

Thursday 1-17-19

EMOM 20 (5 Rounds)

Min 1. 1 Squat Clean + 2 Front squats + 1-3 Ring Muscle Ups

Min 2. 12 Alternating Back Lunges 35/50# KB in front Rack position

Min 3. 12 T2B

Min 4. 8-10 HSPU / Pike Push-Ups

There’s a bit of a technical aspect for athletes on this on to add 1-3 ring muscle ups or dips right after the clean + squats. The clean & squats will need to be slightly lighter than if there were no muscle ups shared in the minute. Newer athletes SHOULD NOT ADD THE DIPS and only focus on the clean & squats… The back lunges should be unbroken and T2B only one break if needed. The number of handstand pushups should be scaled so that people with kipping handstand push ups get 20-30 seconds rest and pike pushups get about 40 seconds of rest since the shoulder work is strict and takes longer to recover from the muscular fatigue.