Thursday 1-20-22

E3M – 6
3 TNG Power Cleans & 3 C2B Pull Ups & 15 DU’s or Single Unders (yes all in the three minutes)

In part A. you’ll have a chance to build to a heavier weight than you’ll use in part B. start with a challenging weight for three touch & go power cleans and build from there. Perform your variation of pull-ups and hit some double unders or single skips. This will be a great way to “warm up” your movements and build to a heavier weight than you’ll be using in the workout. You should have a good amount of rest with this >90 sec. This is all “practice” work so dial in your movements and the flow from one exercise to the next.

13 Minutes
“Clang, Clang, Rattle Bing Bang”
3 Power Cleans
6 C2B
30 Double Unders or 30 Single Skips

RX: 110/155# C2B
Intermediate: 85/115# Pull Ups
Beginner: 55/75# Pull Ups / Ring Rows

Part A. will warm you up and set you up for Part B. Choose your weights and methods based on part A. You should have your movements and flow dialled in from the first part. Now it’s time to go HAM!