Thursday 10-01-2020 Workout Of the Day

3:00 work / 3:00 rest x 5 sets
50 DU
10 pushups
10 box jumps @24/30″
10 KBS @50/70#
Max power cleans @95/135# in time remaining 

Workout Notes/Intentions: Work to rest ratio is 1 to 1, so you should be going hard during your 3 minutes of work. DU, pushups, box jumps and KBS are a buy-in essentially. Aim to go smooth and unbroken on all movements leading up to the cleans. Box jumps are higher than usual. If you are not doing RX, go a little bit higher than you normally jump. KBS are just to shoulder height. You should have about 1 minute to do cleans, possibly even longer. You may cycle a few reps, but quick singles will also work and be very efficient. Score each round is total number of cleans.