Thursday 10-12-23 Workout Of The Day

E90 – 5
3 TNG Power Cleans

EMOM – 20 (4 rounds)
Min 1. 5 Power Cleans
Min 2. 8-10 Box Jump Overs
Min 3. 10 Deadlift (at your power clean weight)
Min 4. 10/12 Kcal ECHO
Min 5 Rest

In part a spend some time building to a challenging, three touch and go power cleans. Decide on a good weight that you’ll be able to hit in the workout consistently. You should be able to do the first 2 to 3 reps as touch and go in the work out and then two more singles to get the job done on your set of five power cleans. Box jump, overs or step overs should be quick and consistent and your dead lift should be done it’s your power clean weight. Once you get to the echo bike, the faster you finish the more rest you’ll get, but if you spike your heart rate really high, trying to get it done as quick as possible you may not recover by the time you get back to your power cleans.