Thursday 10-18-18

AMRAP 20 with a partner

“Freak Show”

300m Row ea.

5 Ring Muscle Ups / Ring Dips ea.

7 Power Cleans @ 95/135# or Double Bell Cleans @ 35/50#

9 Front Squats @ 95/135# or Double Bell Front Squats @ 35/50#

11 Burpees to a 6” target

*This workout is a workout where both partners will complete their reps before your partners go. Example, Person one must complete five muscle ups or ring dips before person two starts their ring dips or muscle ups. Once person two completes the work person one will start and complete the seven power cleans before person two starts…

Tips for a successful partner WOD.

  1. Pick a weight and method that you’ll be able to move quickly and consistently through.
  2. Count for your partner and be ready to go when it’s your turn
  3. Pick weights and methods that will allow for minimal rest and quick transitions.
  4. Have fun and tear s#it up!