Thursday 11-04-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: bar MU

B. 15 min circuit
1-3 bar MU
5 ring dips
10 step ups
20 air squats

C. 5 min AMRAP
max rep double bell C&J @30/40#*
*every time you put down the bells, 20 jumping lunges

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will work on Bar Muscle Ups drills if applicable, or you can work on pullup strength if you are not there yet. Coaches will assist and guide you for the skill work.

In Part B you will use the variations from your skill work for the Bar MU. It could be 1-3 strict pullups or banded/assisted muscle ups. Ring dips can be strict or kipping. Step ups can be bodyweight or weighted. And air squats are just bodyweight. You want to move through the movements at a moderate pace, not resting a ton between exercises.  

For Part C, you will have 5 minutes to accumulate as many double KB C&J as possible. Every time you put the bells down, you must do 20 jumping lunges before picking them up again. Your score for Part C is total reps of C&J’s.