Thursday 11-05-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 21-15-9
thrusters @95/135#
strict C2B pullups

rest ~5 -7 min

B. 21-15-9
deadlifts @155/225#
strict HSPU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Half the class will do Part A first, and the other half will do Part B first. Part A is a take on a classic Benchmark WOD “Fran”. Today’s version is heavier and strict. Thruster weight should not allow you to go quick and unbroken; you should need to break up those reps. Rest 5-7 mins between A and B; hopefully enough time so that the entire group on Part A will move to Part B together and vice versa. This should control the number of people in the rig and on the wall. 

Part B is a take on the classic Benchmark WOD “Diane”, however HSPU will be strict. Seated strict DB press or pike pushups can be substituted for strict HSPU. The goal for both of these workouts is to go heavier and strict and focus on quality of movement, rather than focus on intensity and speed. This should also allow you to control your heart rate.