Thursday 11-12-20 Starke HomeFit

Welcome back to our Starke HomeFit workouts.

The first few in-home workouts will be focusing on getting you moving with very limited equipment (body weight, one DB, or one KB). Our equipment rentals will be available in the next couple of days and workouts will be planned with more equipment availability.

Any rental or membership requests must go to so we can keep track of everyone’s requests. Please do not text, IG message, Facebook message Whats App, your requests. Please request what you need while allowing others to make requests as well. More info and pricing will be available on the blog under “Gym News” and in an email either Wednesday evening or Thursday afternoon. We are receiving a lot of requests so please be patient and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Rental equipment pick up will be available Saturday and possibly as early as Friday afternoon.

Workout Of The Day…

EMOM – 16
Minute 1.
5 Push-Ups @ 31X1
Minute 2.
10-12 Alt Back Lunges (add weight if possible or a deficit to add challenge to the movement).
Minute 3.
5 Kneeling Press / Arm @ 21X1
Minute 4.
40 Second Hollow Hold

AMRAP – 12
10 Dips (ring, box, bench)
5 Chin Ups, body rows, table rows, bent over rows, cornrows…
10 Drop Lunges
5 Dive Bomber Push-Ups
Part A. will be slow, strict, and controlled strength. This will be great for building strength and positional efficiency with so many movements used in our daily lives and in CrossFit. Choose weights and methods that will allow you to maintain good positions and allow for about 20 seconds of rest each round.

Part B.
Part B. will allow you to get your heart rate up and get you breathing heavily with some good full-body movements. We can make them as challenging or as basic as needed. Coaches will always help with suggestions and recommendations for what you have available to you.